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Benchtop Assistance Makes a Real Difference

Jul 09, 2018

At Nellson, we are committed to taking care of our customers and your end consumers, so we provide options, feedback, and testing to support the execution of your brand vision. Our dedicated R&D team interacts with all points of the business to improve the process, the product itself, and finally, its delivery.

We provide all levels of benchtop assistance to our customers—but what does that really mean? Here are some of the ways we assist:
• Commercializing existing formulas
• Value engineering formulas
• Developing concepts to fill consumer gaps
• Simplifying a formula for process/product improvement
• Enhancing taste, texture & stability of a product
• Generating concepts to explore ‘white space’

Our R&D team assists with all aspects of your product’s success:

Product Formulation
With a wealth of industry knowledge, our experience allows us to develop, review, and modify thousands of formulas per year, while remaining actively engaged in reviewing and prototyping all emerging trends.

Processing Conditions
Nellson’s R&D team is responsible for a product through the new product, launch, and commercialization phases. Every team member contributes throughout the production process from start to finish.

Storage/Shelf life Issues
In order to ensure proper shelf life, we work with a large array of ingredients to predict and understand their impact on storage and shelf life. We review products with both quantitative and qualitative reviews, and our stability program includes accelerated shelf life and real-time shelf life under ambient conditions.

Sensory Evaluation
Nellson evaluates products during all phases of the development process, as well as after manufacturing to identify and address needed enhancements.

Our R&D team works directly with our Marketing group to bring your vision to life—and make it viable from a consumer acceptance, manufacturing, and financial point of view.

Bringing it to Market
Our scale-up process includes a combination of four phases to ensure a successful start up:
• Lab batches with current and alternate ingredients to simplify supply chain
• Pilot batch to determine mixability, flow, and used to begin shelf life studies
• Plant trial to set line parameters and optimize efficiencies
• Production slow start used in commercial packaging to serve market needs and accelerate customer speed to market

Our regulatory group assists in nutritional labeling by overseeing:
• Nutritional database
• NLEA panel and ingredient statements
• Full label review against relevant regulation
• Analytical testing services
• Detailed allergen information
• Certifications—Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO Project verified, Organic, NSF, etc. built into the development process

Future Success
Nellson works with thousands of flavors and ingredients in order to create unique bars and powders with a large variety of available flavor options for every customer, and we are always on the lookout for emerging trends. Once we determine a trend such as softer textured products, we identify any possible challenges they may pose to manufacturing. Then, our R&D and manufacturing teams work closely together to optimize the process for your product.

The Lab is in Session
Want to chat about your next project? We’ll make sure the lab is ready for you, with necessary ingredients gathered, pre-prototypes made, and all preparations completed, for a productive outcome.

Let’s create something great, together!

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