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Jul 09, 2018

Today’s certification and regulatory requirements assure the integrity of today’s food and supplement products—building upon a foundation of more than 100 years of regulation designed to prevent the sale of unsafe or fraudulent products. These essential systems have continued to evolve and intensify through the years, and are also tools that help maintain today’s high quality standards.

Beyond the Basics
In addition to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certifications, Nellson offers functional food, dietary supplement, sport and GMP certifications by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International. This third-party certification is widely recognized and considered a stringent standard around the world.

This certification offers consumers greater peace of mind, knowing that the foods and supplements they consume are of the highest standard.

NSF certification for dietary supplements involves

  • Application – including formulation, label, ingredient suppliers information and manufacturing facilities information
  • Toxicology review – label and formulation review and comparison, ingredient review, determination of product testing
  • Facility inspection – including GMP audits of production facilities, in-house lab observation, sourcing and traceability procedure, schedule of ingredient supplier audits
  • Annual lab testing and analysis – for microbiological, heavy metals, pesticide/herbicides, label content verification, disintegration
  • Product certification/listing – monitoring of control formulation/ingredient supplier changes, marketplace sampling

Your Product’s Certification
Nellson helps relieve of the headache regarding your product’s certification processes, by filing the certification on your behalf, and complying with the requirement needed to achieve that certification. We follow the guidelines, prepare required documentation, documentation submission, and comply with all required standards of process.

Marketplace standards vs. consumer demands
Which certifications and standards are most important in today’s nutrition marketplace?
Non-GMO, Organic and Clean Label

Which certifications and standards are most important to today’s consumers?
Non-GMO, Organic and Gluten Free. In the next decade, there will be growth in halal and kosher

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