trends in nutrition

Though they demand healthy or better-for-you alternatives, consumers are increasingly expecting indulgence as well, as they look to add enjoyment to their healthy eating. Indulgent nutrition bars are a winning combination, a consumer-friendly fusion of health and indulgence. Some indulgent offerings may include new, exotic or original flavors, a luxurious ingredient, or the addition of a superfood or superfruit added to a classic indulgent category for a nutritional boost.

From quinoa and spelt to farro and chia, everything ancient is new again. Many ancient grains and seeds offer whole grain alternatives to wheat for consumers suffering from celiac disease or simply seeking gluten-free options. With a reputation for being nutrient-dense, high in fiber and overall better-for-you options, seeds and grains add their healthy reputation and delicious crunchy texture to nutrition bars. Many of the ancient grains and seeds can add the unique bonus of higher protein or mineral levels, lysine, or even vitamin C.

Fueled by the nutrition and health claims of vegan diets, plant-based beverages are generally considered to be nutritious, innovative and ethically and responsibly produced foods. In powder form, these beverages offer convenience in addition to their powerful nutritional benefits like complete and balanced amino acid profiles, superfood combinations, and the nutrients of supergreens, essential oils, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Not just for vegans anymore, the plant-based beverages tend to be gluten-free, non-GMO, all fueling their health and fitness attributes.

Nutrition powders have evolved from their original powder formats into a variety of applications to suit consumers’ lifestyle needs. It’s never been more important for manufacturers to customize solutions, especially as users continue to expand beyond traditional users like bodybuilders and athletes to include recreational and lifestyle users, as well. Convenient packaging plays an ever more important role for consumers with busy schedules who are looking for better-for-you beverages to consume on the go.