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Today’s consumers are on the go—and more health and quality conscious than ever. They want convenience and multi-purpose functional food options. Bars deliver, giving consumers grab-on-the-go portability and nutritional punch. At Nellson, we deliver everything you need to meet your consumers’ specific desires, like taste and texture, nutritional profile, quality, and variety. How do we do it? With multiple product formats, industry-leading state-of-the-art technology, and flexible short and long run capabilities.

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Consumers are making an effort to live balanced, active lifestyles. They are making healthiness part of their daily routines and proactive food choices, like snacking on better-for-you bars. Adding ingredients like fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains to your bar can promote it to best-for-you status.


When it comes to performance, athletes and gym-goers are never satisfied with the status quo. While they work to optimize their individual capabilities, they demand foods that enhance physical performance and boost energy levels. Sports nutrition bars combine optimal performance with pack-in-a-gym-bag convenience.

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weight management

Savvy consumers still want to lose weight, but today they are more concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle than quick-fix weight loss solutions. They are focusing on healthy ingredients, high fiber, low calorie, and reduced or no-sugar options. Your bar can help them meet their health and weight management goals.


Focused consumers are opting for better-for-you options that pack extra added benefits relating to health promotion or disease prevention. Functional bars provide a convenient way to help consumers target their areas of concern—like calcium fortification, cholesterol reduction, and heart health.

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snack / granola

Many of today’s consumers have a renewed interest in simple, recognizable ingredients and back-to-basics food choices. Wholesome snack and granola bars are the perfect answer, a great between meals snack solution filled with simple ingredients.

breakfast / cereal

Today, the most important meal of the day is usually eaten on the go. Luckily, cereal and breakfast bars provide a great alternative when time is short. Designed with a few simple ingredients, cereal bars are a smart better-for-you breakfast choice or midday snack.

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