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Nutritional powders may begin with the basics—functional benefits like protein, fiber, and vitamin & mineral supplementation—but the consumer marketplace demands much more. Great taste is the price of admission, and we know how to get you there. Consumer demands may include clean labels with ‘no artificial anything’, new alternative protein sources, and low sugar/low sodium formulas, as well as portability and convenience. At Nellson, we work directly with our customers to understand your product needs and offer viable solutions that meet your product commercialization timeline.

How we power your powder

R&D Capabilities

What do you want your powder to power? Maybe it’s an extreme sports formula or a balanced wellness formula. Maybe it’s packed with multiple functions, but comes in a convenient stickpack for your active consumers. Whatever you imagine, we can make it happen.

Plant Based Matcha Red Berry


Not just for vegans anymore, plant-based beverages are regarded as nutritious, innovative, and ethically and responsibly produced. In powder form, they offer added convenience to their powerful nutritional benefits. Even better, plant-based beverages tend to be gluten-free and non-GMO, adding to their healthy perception.

  • superfood combinations
  • nutrients of supergreens, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals
  • complete and balanced amino acid profiles
Dairy Powders Strawberry Flavor


Dairy proteins are filled with nutritional goodness and contain optimal amino acid profiles. Yet, dairy ingredients can create some challenges in nutritional powders, like dissolvability into solution and dairy ‘off’ flavors. At Nellson, we overcome these challenges by sourcing high quality dairy proteins that are highly dispersible into solution and have a clean taste. We believe that when high quality dairy proteins are used, it’s easy to make a great tasting protein drink.

Cinnamon Swirl Protein Powder Flavor


The perfect balance of proper flavor and mouthfeel is a challenge that we meet every day. Our R&D experts have the strong lab bench flavoring expertise to use flavor systems that mask ‘off’ notes from dairy/plant proteins and functional supplement ingredients like amino acids and botanicals. Our experts also have the sourcing knowledge to select ingredients that provide desired smooth, non-gritty mouthfeel, as well as clean taste and consistent quality. We also ensure that plain/unflavored functional powders will result in great tasting shakes, smoothies, or baked goods with functional benefits.

Mainstream favorites, seasonal sensations, and innovative flavor combinations
cinnamon swirl • cookies & cream • salted caramel • matcha tea • spiced pecan • cucumber mint • jackfruit

Mocha Mint Protein Powder With Inclusions


Inclusions have energized the nutritional powder market by adding flavor, pleasing texture and visual pop to functional shakes or energy drinks. These inclusions or small particulates help create a new sensory experience that offers a point of differentiation and uniqueness. At Nellson, we have the ability to add inclusions into a variety of product formats including shakes, soups, and energy drinks.

  • chocolate pieces
  • nuts
  • fruit pieces
  • cereal/cookie pieces
Vanilla functional beverage in glass


Today’s consumers expect performance and functional benefits from the nutritional products they purchase. Our vitamin & mineral pre-blend mixes are custom made to meet your criteria and optimize nutrient blend uniformity throughout your product. And, since they are produced in-house, they give us the agility to provide you better speed to market.

  • vitamin pre-mix
  • weight management
  • formulas to benefit digestive, cognitive, heart, bone, or joint health

Bottles Of Energy Sports Drink


Energy products may be some of the most popular in the nutritional market, but they can also be some of the most challenging. For instance, incorporating energy formulations into nutritional powders may require masking astringent ‘off’ notes from supplement ingredients as well as managing the functional powder’s flow properties and shelf life stability.

  • pre-workout energy supplements
  • sustained energy release, using low glycemic carbohydrates
  • natural sports nutrition products, made with grass-fed whey protein isolate
Winning combo powder

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From CPG to private label to direct sell, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to help with R&D, procurement, supply chain management, sales and marketing, packaging and more.


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