Our unique powder capabilities provide the specialized expertise your powder product requires, including over 15 blending lines, ribbon blending and v-blending. We also provide the most flexible packaging solutions with over 19 packaging lines, vertical form filling/sealing machines, and variety pack lines to meet all of your needs for portable convenience, economy of scale, and sustainable options.

powder packaging capabilities

How we power your powder

Powder jars


The preferred option when product protection and consumer convenience are the priority. Moisture-proof and strong, jars reduce oxygen permeation, and the wide variety of sizes offer practical solutions. Our multiple jar packing lines ensure fast and efficient filling of these popular packaging options.

powder scoop storage canister packaging


The go-to option for cost-effective, retail-ready solutions. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, canisters are easily adaptable and offer consumers scoop storage convenience.

powder bag and pouch capabilities


Increasingly popular options, including pillow bags, gusseted bags and pouches. Manufacturers benefit from protective properties, shipping and warehousing cost savings, and unique printability, while consumers love the portable convenience.

versatile sachet powder packaging


The most versatile on-the-go packaging option, available in a variety of sizes as sachets and envelopes. Our sachet packaging lines allow for a variety of packet sizes and fill volumes to be packaged accurately and efficiently.

single serving powder stick pack

Stick pack

Increasingly popular on-the-go nutrition, in single serving or sample sizes. Consumers love the easy-to-dispense convenience and portability. Our fully automated lines offer fast and accurate fills.

bulk powder applications


Big bag, box, or drum options for bulk applications. We work with you to determine your functional and performance requirements and existing storage and shipping constraints, to ensure optimal efficiency.

create your powder

create powder

winning combinations

Nothing succeeds like success.

Quality is our best ingredient. It’s our top priority—from the ingredients used to make your powder, to our manufacturing processes and our commitment to you and your success.

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