changing channels

Expanding your brand beyond the retail shelf to online channels can be a real game-changer. Watch and find out how Nellson can help you reach a new and broader audience, stand out against the competition and boost sales.

clean label

Find out how to answer growing consumer demand for clean label, high-quality nutritional products. See how our R&D expertise and quality standards smooth the way for successful clean label reformulation.

healthy indulgences

Consumers are craving healthy indulgences—products that satisfy a craving and deliver a health benefit, with decadent flavors and textures that feel like a bit of a splurge. Find out how Nellson helps you deliver healthy indulgences to today’s on-the-go wellness-minded consumers.

Delivering innovation in nutrition bars and powders

Nellson transforms your ideas to the next great bar or powder product, with the product development, supply chain efficiency, and production excellence that are helping bar and powder brands define a new era in nutrition.

moving nutrition forward

Nellson is the only full-service bar and powder nutrition provider, but we are also something more. We are committed to moving nutrition forward and making an impact within the nutrition industry. We consider it our privilege to make nutritious, safe products that enhance our customers’ business and their consumers’ lives.

Driven by Interconnection

Nellson sees consumer opportunities from all angles. From supply chain to operations and manufacturing, we are committed to establishing interconnectivity between our teams. In fact, each of our sites house a unique NPI team, ensuring the bridge between our internal team and our partner is never broken.

Innovative Processes

Creating quality products requires state-of-the-art technology. Nellson utilizes a unique conical technology to mix even the most fragile ingredients without any breakage. Watch and find out what our processes look like and how we support our partners with the latest technology.

Assessing Trends

Working with our brand partners to introduce innovative products to market requires a collaborative process. We interact with our ingredient suppliers on a continuous basis, which allows us to show our customers what trending ingredients are emerging in the industry.

Providing Solutions

At Nellson, our team recognizes challenges and moves quickly to solve them. See how we navigated a supply chain issue, found a creative solution in a time of need and worked with our client to save production.

Fostering Client Relationships

Nellson works hard to ensure clients have a pleasant experience for many years to come. Discover how we work to understand our customers, provide meaningful ideas to build their businesses and explore current opportunities for development.

Safety Execution

Nellson is recognized by customers for our robust safety programs. Our success requires commitment throughout our organization with key factors being dedication and a willingness to get involved. Watch and learn what clients are saying about our safety achievements.

Competitive Edge

Keeping an open dialogue with our customers is key to our competitive advantage. Our team regularly meets with clients to understand some of their biggest challenges and successes. Find out how we navigate daily obstacles and listen to our customers’ needs.

Increasing Scale

Nellson specializes in supporting its customers through scaling up. Whether you’re in search of larger sample sizes, sensory work or stability testing, discover how we are ready to meet demand.

Achieving Together

Collaborating as a team is key to achieving expectations at Nellson. Learn how our customers are at the forefront of the Nellson process and how we work together to better understand our capabilities in food safety, quality and innovation.

Profitable Results

Asking the right questions allows us to provide relevant solutions to our clients. Find out how Nellson achieves phenomenal growth and finds answers that offer profitable results.

Partners in Growth

At Nellson, our customers consider us their partners. We invest in a collaborative relationship beyond that of a typical manufacturer, supporting each client in their unique business, growth and future. Watch and discover how Nellson goes above and beyond to make sure each client is satisfied.

Staying Relevant

At Nellson, we understand that the newest ideas aren’t always the biggest ideas. Find out how we move quickly in an ever-changing world and support our customers with consistent delivery, quality products and exceptional service.

Client-Centered Approach

Our team at Nellson believes customer loyalty relies on our culture, and hiring the right people is essential to guarantee exceptional customer service. Watch to discover how we enrich the customer experience and demonstrate pride in what we do.

Building a Legacy

Nellson leads the industry in R&D development. Our legacy is built on developing revolutionary innovations in the bar and powder space, always looking at ideas that stretch the boundaries of what we currently do. Explore how we create relevant products and stay on the cutting edge.