Delivering innovation in nutrition bars and powders

Nellson transforms your ideas to the next great bar or powder product, with the product development, supply chain efficiency, and production excellence that are helping bar and powder brands define a new era in nutrition.

changing channels

Expanding your brand beyond the retail shelf to online channels can be a real game-changer. Watch and find out how Nellson can help you reach a new and broader audience, stand out against the competition and boost sales.

clean label

Find out how to answer growing consumer demand for clean label, high-quality nutritional products. See how our R&D expertise and quality standards smooth the way for successful clean label reformulation.

healthy indulgences

Consumers are craving healthy indulgences—products that satisfy a craving and deliver a health benefit, with decadent flavors and textures that feel like a bit of a splurge. Find out how Nellson helps you deliver healthy indulgences to today’s on-the-go wellness-minded consumers.

moving nutrition forward

Nellson is the only full-service bar and powder nutrition provider, but we are also something more. We are committed to moving nutrition forward and making an impact within the nutrition industry. We consider it our privilege to make nutritious, safe products that enhance our customers’ business and their consumers’ lives.