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Functional Powder Performance

To stay on top of their own game, functional powders need to answer the newest trends that meet the latest consumer needs and wants.

Did you know that 89% of male gamers play video games at least once weekly?1

Functional powdered supplements traditionally offer an extra added punch of benefits relating to health and wellness. Consumers expect these products to perform at higher levels.

To support their participation in the world of competitive, organized video gaming, gamers and eSports enthusiasts require mental and physical endurance that involves hand-eye coordination, multitasking and strategic thinking. Now, gaming and eSports consumers are seeking performance drinks formulated to:

  • Boost energy
  • Increase focus
  • Enhance performance

Game On: Winning Performance Drinks

Gaming performance drinks join traditional energy drinks with a long list of invigorating ingredients. Powdered supplements designed to meet gamers’ needs can contain caffeine and other energizing ingredients (such as taurine) and nootropics. Some include zero grams of sugar, promote eye health and provide energy, focus, endurance and concentration benefits—without a crash.

Available in both multi- and single-serve packaging options, many ready-to-mix gaming or eSports performance drinks can directly position themselves as better-for-you, economical alternatives to standard canned or bottled energy drinks.

Gaming performance drink brands directly target energy drink brands’ cornerstone demographic group of men aged 18-34:1

  • 96% of men aged 18-34 have played a video game in the past three months
  • 89% of male gamers aged 18-34 play video games at least weekly
  • 42% say they are watching video game streamers more often since the pandemic began

For Increased Focus: Gaming Performance Drinks

It takes sustained energy and a laser focus to win at video gaming. So, gaming performance drinks rely on energizing ingredients that offer up enhanced and long-lasting focus, memory and processing speed.

A sample of ingredients found in gaming performance nutritional powders:

Taurine, an amino acid important in several of the body's metabolic processes, thought to have antioxidant properties
Caffeine for improved reflexes and reaction time
B vitamins to help release energy from foods throughout the day
Vitamin C to help fight fatigue
Antioxidants to reduce recovery time
Lutein to support vision health and protect from blue light fatigue

How Nellson Makes It Happen

Our services include formulation, blending, high-speed automation and multiple packaging options to keep your nutritional powder product moving efficiently and effectively. With our added metric-driven analytics and collaborative team approach, you’ve got accelerated speed-to-market.

We put your powder to the test, with strict standards. Our quality control process means products are sampled regularly to test for organoleptic characteristics including taste, texture, and appearance. We also perform micro and analytical testing to meet regulatory and food safety standards.


Energizing Your Nutritional Powder Supplement

Functional powders require the perfect blend of ingredients to offer up the focused energy gamers are seeking. Caffeine and taurine are some of the building blocks that both gamers and energy drink consumers recognize for better reflexes and reaction time, and vitamins including B & C help reduce fatigue and release energy. Antioxidants support shorter recovery time and lutein supports visual performance and protects from blue light fatigue and digital eye strain. No matter your formulation goals and ingredient list, we can help you deliver winning nutritional powder products.

1Mintel, Gaming Trends: 2021: Incl Impact of COVID-19 – US, December 2021

Game on! Let’s pump up your powder’s performance, today.

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