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Making your bar or powder a treat for the senses

Nellson can help you spark new demand by making your products a treat for the senses with unique flavors and textures.

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Nellson blog road to innovation update

The Road to Innovation: Best Traveled Together

In order to move your brand forward, you need more than manufacturing. You need full-service product development support. You need a partner with innovative ideas that link your opportunities to your end results.

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Nellson supply chain

How to Solve Your Bar or Powder Brand’s Supply Chain Challenges

Regarding ongoing supply chain challenges, predicts “...a continuation of the many disruptions we are currently seeing at every stage of the supply chain.”

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The Latest Nutrition Bar Trends

Want to find out what’s trending in nutritional bars? In our new infographic, we combined market trend research with some of our own customers’ trending requests.

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Functional Powder Performance

At Nellson, we help gamers stay on top of their own game. Our services help you with formulation, blending, high-speed automation and packaging to help keep your nutritional powder product moving efficiently.

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Powder Scaling Image 3

More Pow(d)er to You

With help from Nellson, the scale-up process for your new or improved nutritional powder can be smoother and faster. We’re here to support you with help from our research and development teams, available in both of our powder division locations.

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