Nellson in Motion

Standing Out In The Crowd

Sep 07, 2018

Consumer interest in health and nutrition continues to drive the bar and powder market. How can brands differentiate themselves in this better-for-you marketplace? By developing great tasting, portable and convenient nutritional bars and functional powders.

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How to Meet Increasingly Complex Marketplace Demands

Today’s consumers want to trust both the food they eat and the brands providing that food. In order to fulfill these demands, a high level of formulation expertise is required to craft nutritious bars and powders that meet the desired claims and maintain consumer pleasing flavor and texture over shelf life.

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Making Clean Label Simple for our Customers

A clean and simple label. It sounds so simple, but anyone in the business of nutrition knows that ‘simplicity’ can present challenges that are complex. At Nellson, we help solve those challenges so you can please consumers with the clean label products they increasingly demand.

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