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Consumers Want Foods with Nutrient Benefits

Dec 04, 2018

Consumers want to benefit from nutrients such as calcium and omega-3s incorporated into their foods, but these nutrients can present some particular challenges. At Nellson, we help our customers anticipate, address and solve these challenges so that they can provide successful nutrient-enhanced products to today’s wellness-minded consumers.

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Nutrient-Enhanced Foods are Trending

Consumers are looking for easy ways to pack more nutrients into their diets. Convenient protein and fiber options are often sought after a trip to the gym, or simply to fuel an on the go, healthy lifestyle. Nellson is able to incorporate the protein and fiber consumers are looking for into powders and bars they will enjoy.

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Making Clean Label as Simple as it Sounds

Eliminate some of the common clean label challenges with the R&D team at Nellson. As a heavily audited facility with food certifications from a number of world-known certifying agencies, we are able to provide ingredient and certification support with testing and label claims.

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Standing Out In The Crowd

Consumer interest in health and nutrition continues to drive the bar and powder market. How can brands differentiate themselves in this better-for-you marketplace? By developing great tasting, portable and convenient nutritional bars and functional powders.

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