Making your bar or powder a treat for the senses

Winning nutritional products usually have one thing in common. They offer a complete sensory experience—wowing consumers from every angle.

In our latest trend report, we take a look at how bars and powders can engage the senses and push all the right buttons. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways.

New and innovative flavors

It goes without saying that great taste is a big part of what consumers are looking for. But it pays to think beyond the ordinary. Studies show that 75% of consumers crave new and unusual flavors.

We’ve also found that many see new flavors as potentially healthier. Uncommon options like lavender, chai or açai can signal functional benefits like improved mood or immunity.

Texture adds intrigue

Texture is a big deal, too. In fact, 7 in 10 consumers agree that the right texture gives food and drink a more interesting experience.

Getting flavor and texture to work hand in hand is the key. For example, enhance a sweet and salty flavor profile with the crunch of nuts or rice crisps. Or go soft to coat the palate with a rich blanket of creaminess. It’s the kind of balanced sensory experience that people love!

Catching the eye

The research also provided a good reminder: We eat with our eyes first! So, make sure your bar or powder’s appearance is saying all the right things.

Is the color enticing and true to the flavor profile? Do you have inclusions like chocolate chunks that scream indulgence or things like oats, fruit and nuts that suggest something more wholesome?

Putting it all together

When it all comes together, you’ve got a product that engages the senses on every level—and that’s a recipe for success! Our R&D experts are here to help you consider all aspects.

You can read the full report on today’s sensory trends here. Or, if you’d like to chat about perfecting taste, texture and color in your next bar or powder, just drop us a line.

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