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Customer Communication: Coronavirus (COVID-19) August Update
August 18, 2020

Dear Customer,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, we remain committed to the health and safety of our Employees and Customers. While we experienced additional positive cases in the month of July, our proactive preventive actions continue to be effective in containing transmission of the virus within Nellson. To date, less than 6% of our workforce has tested positive for the virus with the number of cases varying by site, and the evidence indicates the vast majority of these cases have originated from outside of our Company. Though our recent cases in California reflect the spikes that Orange and San Bernardino counties (where our factories are located) are currently experiencing, our case rates continue to fall well below the local average. Equally important, I am pleased to report that as of this date 85% of the employees who tested positive for the virus have returned to work. While this remains very positive, we have experienced some delays in fulfilling customer requests due in part to proactively quarantining employees who were subject to secondary exposure.

Return to Office Update:

  • As communicated previously, we will continue to follow local and State guidelines on returning our employees to their respective office. Our plan is to follow a phased approach that fully respects individual concerns and applies lessons learned from working remotely for the last five months.

Policy Updates Travel / Site Visits:

  • There have been no changes to our current Business Travel Policy. We continue to ask our employees to limit non-essential business travel for the foreseeable future; no employee will be required to travel as part of their job responsibilities during this timeframe.
  • Site visits will continue to be limited. Visitors will only be allowed on site if the in-person meeting / appointment is critical to the operation of the business. Visitors must review and complete our Visitor Policy & Questionnaire prior to arriving to our facility. We are piloting mandatory temperature scanning at our Corporate office and will roll out to the other sites as deemed appropriate. All on-site visits must be approved in advance by the Nellson Executive Leadership Team.

    Wishing good health to you and your families,


    Jamie Better

    Chief Executive Officer