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Customer Communication: Coronavirus (COVID-19) October Update
October 23, 2020

Dear Customer,

Coronavirus (COVID-19) October 2020 Update

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, we remain committed to the health and safety of our Employees and Customers. Thankfully, over the last month we continue to experience very few new COVID cases. To date, 6.6% of our workforce has tested positive for the virus with the number of cases varying by site, and the evidence still indicates the vast majority of these cases have originated from outside of our Company. Equally important, I am pleased to report that as of this date, 96% of our employees who tested positive for the virus have returned to work.

Return to Office Update:

Our employees who have been working remotely returned to onsite work part-time in the beginning of October. This has gone exceptionally well, and we have enjoyed witnessing the energy, innovation, and continuous improvement that derives from in-person collaboration.

Supply Chain Disruptions:

While the above remains very positive, we have started to experience some delays in fulfilling customer requests due in part to material delays and shortages from our vendors. We are working with our suppliers to understand their capacity, inventory, and factory/production activity, as well as engaging in sourcing alternatives where necessary. During this time we will require full contractual lead times on orders in order to not compound the current Supply Chain challenges.

We will continue to work hard to minimize any supply disruptions and communicate any delays as soon as we are made aware in order to collaborate on solutions.

      Wishing good health to you and your families,


      Jamie Better

      Chief Executive Officer