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Nellson Assists Manufacturers Seeking Plant-Based Solutions - Company Shares Insight on Successful Nutritional Bars and Functional Powders

August 2017

The next generation of plant-based food and beverage products are sprouting new life as consumer interest in healthier options grows. According to a recent Mintel report, consumers’ preference for a natural, simple and flexible diet will continue to drive food and beverage manufacturers to further expand offerings with new vegetarian, vegan, free-from, and other plant-focused formulation options. Nellson’s team of formulation experts can help manufacturers overcome plant-based manufacturing obstacles by delivering customized high-quality nutritional bars and functional powders.

Bart Child, Nellson’s Sr. VP Commercial Development, said, “We are seeing an increased demand for plant-based formulations in both nutritional bars and powders that fulfill consumers’ desire for products with functional benefits from natural sources and simple labels with a short list of recognizable ingredients. Our customers are seeking formulation assistance with plant-based proteins, such as: pea, rice, potato, pumpkin, black bean, algae, chia, hemp, and soy. As the leading full-service nutrition bar and powder provider in North America, we are uniquely positioned to help manufacturers find the next winning combination for successful plant-based nutrition bars and functional powders.”

Plant-source protein bars and powders align with consumer desire for better-for-you functional attributes, high protein, and free-from claims. Mintel reports consumers are willing to spend more on products offering a specific nutritional benefit. So as manufacturers move to develop a new generation of plant-based foods, it is important to remember that plant-based formulating can be tricky for many manufacturers. Plant proteins can vary in degree of nutrient density, distinct flavor, and texture. Nellson’s formulation experts understand these base proteins, which is critical to obtaining an optimal amino acid profile, flavor, and texture that is sustainable throughout the product’s shelf life. And, all products are backed with strategically sourced ingredients to ensure a consistent, high quality product, competitive pricing, and consistency of supply.

Child added, “As our new facility in Ontario, California comes online, we are able to offer additional capabilities that further aid customers seeking improved and differentiated plant-based products. For example, we are introducing new technologies that will allow us to expand our offerings with new formats like multi- and single-serve bites. Ongoing investments in manufacturing technologies demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with flexible capabilities, strategic technology, and progressive innovation.”

Nellson formulations experts have developed many successful plant-based products, including:

A wide variety of plant-based beverage powders–These plant-based beverage powders are not just for vegans. Sold in powder form, these beverages offer convenience in addition to their powerful nutritional benefits like complete and balanced amino acid profiles, superfood combinations, and the nutrients of supergreens, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, these beverage powders are gluten-free and non-GMO. Consumers will love their delicious and nutrient packed, clean formulations.

On-trend plant-based nutrition bars–Trend-right offerings like our matcha citrus bergamot plant-based nutrition bar give consumers an experience, not just an ordinary bar. It features a unique appearance to appeal to hungry eyes and a soft layer atop a crispy texture, for sensory appeal. Pea and potato protein make this bar perfect for vegan consumers, while great taste and texture make it great for consumers hungry for the latest flavorful experience.