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Nellson Nutraceutical Case Study Highlights Great-Tasting, Nutritious Protein Powders Flexitarians Will Drink Right Up

August 2023

(August 22, 2023) Anaheim, CA – Nellson Nutraceutical, LLC, a leading North American manufacturer of branded and private label nutritional bar and functional powder solutions, recently highlighted a case study titled, The Future is Flexitarian. This resource showcases trends happening in the plant-based high-protein segment and how Nellson is meeting the demand of the growing flexitarian population by creating nutritious and delicious complete beverage powders that bridge the gap with best-of-both-worlds protein blends.

“Now more than ever, consumers are desiring the nutrition and sustainability of plant-based products without completely eliminating animal proteins from their diets,” said Bart Child, Chief Commercial Officer of Nellson. “We understand the evolving preferences of consumers who seek both high protein content and sustainable dietary choices. We know that formulating plant-based beverages with exceptional taste, texture and appearance can present unique challenges. With years of experience in both plant and dairy formulation, Nellson assists brands in developing beverage powders that seamlessly blend plant-based and dairy ingredients while achieving optimal nutritional profiles. Our focus on delivering a clean flavor and creamy mouthfeel ensures a delightful experience for flexitarians and consumers alike.”

The Future is Flexitarian case study outlines trends for this segment and how Nellson can help formulate optimal plant-based and dairy protein blends, including:

  • Consumer insights driving development of products with higher protein
  • Identifying customer’s constraints, key targets and ingredients of interest
  • Building out the base formula electronically to achieve the theoretical nutritional targets and product claims
  • Fine-tuning the mouthfeel, aroma and flavor using ingredient systems, to achieve the desired organoleptic results

“Each of our four facilities has an onsite R&D lab with collaborative workspaces for cross-functional and customer engagement to help accelerate a new product getting to market quickly.”

Nellson operates as the leading full-service provider of the highest quality nutritional bar and functional powder solutions. The experts at Nellson work with customers through all stages of the production process, offering formulation expertise, quality assurance, regulatory support, flexible production, and sales and marketing support to ensure product success. Nellson builds on-trend, consumer-driven, consistent products that inspire healthier living—and is committed to moving nutrition forward and making an impact within the nutrition industry.

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About Nellson
Nellson, the leading full-service nutritional bar and powder provider in North America, is based in Anaheim, California with production locations in California, Utah, and Quebec. Founded in 1962, Nellson has over 60 years of diversified expertise in nutrition platforms for bars and powders, serving the sports performance, health and wellness, weight management, and medical nutrition market segments. Nellson offers formulation expertise, quality assurance, regulatory support, flexible production, and sales and marketing support.

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