What’s Sweet about Savory

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In our first post, read about the consumer’s latest crave: savory flavors.

As consumers’ palates become more sophisticated and they constantly crave something new, savory flavors are continuing to grow in popularity and complexity. Savory flavors—simply put, they are anything but the sweet stuff.

In the world of protein, savory flavors—whether they are full-flavored, spicy or salty—expand consumers’ eating options, widening the variety of choices available by providing options that don’t have to be sweet or fruity. Savory flavors are perfect for grab-and-go proteins and mini-meal replacements. They are the perfect solution for today’s consumer, who is more nutritionally aware and likely to seek better-for-you alternatives that can be eaten on multiple occasions throughout the day.

As these savvy consumers opt for non-sweet and healthier choices, they’re also searching for proteins derived from a variety of sources. Consumers want the ability to choose from animal, dairy, whey-based or plant-based proteins, depending on their dietary, physical and cultural concerns. As ‘flexitarians’, they may opt to change those preferred sources as they desire.

Therefore, the market for alternate protein sources and savory flavors is growing, side-by-side. Alternative protein sources may include pea, rice, hemp, alfalfa, chia, potato, flax, quinoa and cricket, just to name a few.

As protein product manufacturers aim to meet these current consumer-driven trends, they can encounter new challenges. At Nellson, we have the expertise to meet and overcome the challenges of manufacturing protein products, whether that change is a new flavor characteristic, source, or combination of both.

In addition to providing key desired nutritional characteristics, protein affects elemental product functionality such as a product’s break, absorption, elasticity and leavening, along with two of the biggest ‘make or break points’ for consumers, flavor and texture. With Nellson’s expertise in providing successful solutions, we can help overcome protein formulation challenges: grittiness, effect on moisture level, loss of pliability affecting textural changes and reduced shelf life, along with characteristic off-flavors. Our expertise and experience with ingredient and processing adjustments reduces the challenge in creating a successful product in both product formulation and its effect on the body.

Nellson has the expertise to use trend-right savory flavors to enhance both bar and powder protein products. Some of our recent bar productions
have included flavors like chili lime, black bean and jalapeño spice. In powders, we have created some great savory instant soups including an herbed chicken, chili chicken with peppers and vegetarian curry with broccoli.

What’s next? Only time (and the consumer) will tell!

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