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Protein Inclusions in Bars

Inclusions—those extra added bits of flavor and texture in nutritional bars and other baked goods—are stirring up consumer interest. Along with their sensory benefits of added flavor, texture and visual appeal, inclusions can offer up added nutritional benefits as well.

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Protein Trends in Weight Management

Consumers are hungry for protein, depending on it to provide essential building blocks for health and wellbeing. But there is far more to today’s demand for protein; consumers consider it to have a long list of top-of-mind benefits, especially surrounding weight management.

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Benchtop Assistance Makes a Real Difference

At Nellson, we are committed to taking care of our customers and your end consumers, so we provide options, feedback, and testing to support the execution of your brand vision. Our dedicated R&D team interacts with all points of the business to improve the process, the product itself, and finally, its delivery.

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Doing Well[ness] with Protein

Today’s consumers want to increase their protein intake, for a variety of wellness reasons. Protein is touted as an essential ingredient that provides essential building blocks for health and wellbeing. Its satiating qualities may aid consumers with their weight management efforts. Dietary protein intake is credited with improving muscle mass, strength and function over time, for improved overall health outcomes.

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What’s Sweet about Savory

As consumers’ palates become more sophisticated and they constantly crave something new, savory flavors are continuing to grow in popularity and complexity. Savory flavors—simply put, they are anything but the sweet stuff.

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