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Making Clean Label Simple for Our Customers

A clean and simple label. It sounds so simple, but anyone in the business of nutrition knows that ‘simplicity’ can present challenges that are complex. At Nellson, we help solve those challenges so you can please consumers with the clean label products they increasingly demand.

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Powering Powders with Pre-Blend Mixes

With their increasingly hectic lifestyles, today’s consumers expect ‘more’ from their food in the form of functional benefits, including the most sought-after: protein supplementation, dietary fiber addition, and energy enhancement.

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Reaching a very high bar, in record time

Our customer had a great opportunity—to launch their high-protein bars at a large general retailer’s stores nationwide. There was just one caveat; they had to deliver the 5-flavored assortment in just 4 weeks.

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Quality Matters

Today’s certification and regulatory requirements assure the integrity of today’s food and supplement products—building upon a foundation of more than 100 years of regulation designed to prevent the sale of unsafe or fraudulent products. Nellson goes beyond the basic requirements to offer consumers greater peace of mind, knowing that the foods and supplements they consume are of the highest standard.  

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