Staying On Trend with On-The-Go Packaging

Consumers are looking for nutrition that can keep up with their increasingly active lifestyles and, as a result, portable packaging options for sports nutrition powders have become extremely popular. That’s why Nellson provides bags, bottles, single-serve sachets and stick packs that are convenient and easy to use.

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Answering The Call For Reduced Sugar

With a growing societal emphasis on “better for you” products, sugar reduction is a hot topic. Nellson experts can help you reformulate your bar and powder products to reduce sugar, meet regulatory guidelines, and still deliver on taste.

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Macronutrients Matter: Plant-based Protein

Consumers are searching for options to increase their total protein intake and many are looking for plant-based and vegan alternatives. At Nellson, we help overcome the taste and texture concerns that come along with these in-demand macronutrients—to help you deliver the plant-based proteins consumers crave.

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