Doing Well[ness] With Protein

Today’s consumers want to increase their protein intake, for a variety of wellness reasons. Protein is touted as an essential ingredient that provides essential building blocks for health and wellbeing. Its satiating qualities may aid consumers with their weight management efforts. Dietary protein intake is credited with improving muscle mass, strength and function over time, for improved overall health outcomes.

Luckily for consumers, protein can easily fit into their daily intake and lifestyle, with little effort. When manufacturers incorporate higher levels of proteins into routinely consumed products like snack bars, meal shakes, rehydration drinks, chips and cookies, the consumer does not have to change their lifestyle or eating habits. And, new trends in protein supplementation are making it even easier for consumers, with snack-like, in-between-meal options, and targeted products for specific occasions like pre- and post-work out or a mid-afternoon energy boost.

Those options are just the beginning. With a myriad of better-for-you protein options available, wellness is easier than ever.

Vegan and non-soy proteins provide the ability to meet an entirely new consumer audience. Options like pea, hemp, and potato provide a complete source of protein when used in combination. However, emerging, non-traditional protein sources also offer unique challenges. Market availability may be low, and flavors may vary throughout the growing season and in different climates. Nellson’s supply chain expertise helps mitigate availability issues. These alternative protein sources may also create off flavors and resulting shelf life issues due to rancidity. Nellson can address these and other challenges.

Trends in Protein Bars
• Savory flavors [see What’s Sweet about Savory blog post] offer a wider variety of protein intake options
• Soy is still the #1 protein source, but dairy usage is increasing fast
• Concerns Nellson can help you overcome: shelf life, hardening, off flavors, increased costs

Trends in Protein Powders
• Particulates and pieces
• Dairy is the #1 protein source due to its ease of use, but vegan and non-soy are sources are growing fast
• Concerns Nellson can help you overcome: cost and off flavors

Let our experience working with proteins, help you create your ultimate wellness product.

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