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Powering Powders with Pre-Blend Mixes

With their increasingly hectic lifestyles, today’s consumers expect ‘more’ from their food in the form of functional benefits, including the most sought-after: protein supplementation, dietary fiber addition, and energy enhancement. Providing these functional benefits to nutraceutical powders does present certain development challenges, especially regarding label claims. It is important to optimize nutrient blend uniformity to easily and consistently meet label claims, and to ensure that there is enough overage of the added functional ingredients to meet label claims throughout the shelf life of the product.

Nellson meets these unique challenges in several ways—we create our own in-house vitamin & mineral pre-blend mixes that optimize nutrient blend uniformity throughout the product, and we have designed a robust formulation and manufacturing process to ensure that all label claims are met throughout the shelf life of the product. Each vitamin & mineral pre-blend mix is custom made to meet the specific nutritional target criteria required by our customers, giving us the ability to

  • create & analytically validate more quickly, for better speed to market
  • offer low minimum order volumes
  • effectively mitigate potential nutrient uniformity issues

With our expertise, we use specific food ingredients to create products ranging from great tasting pre-workout drinks to protein supplements for all ages, from children to seniors. We also use innovative new ingredients to help develop ‘mood foods’ with validated clinical data, like melatonin-based sleep aids and Vitamin B complex-based stress relievers. With an eye on future trends, we foresee increased interest in nutritional powders targeting eye health, gastrointestinal health, and weight management, as consumers continue to focus on wellness.

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