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Better Nutritional Products in 3 Easy Steps [HINT: Deliver Innovation]

To be a market leader in outsourced nutritional bar and powder manufacturing means an ongoing commitment to quality and service excellence in development, supply chain and manufacturing services.

See what it takes to deliver innovation:

Give consumers what they want.

Creativity. Innovation. Newness.
You need them, because consumers demand them.

Since Nellson serves a variety of consumer segments, we have the ability to observe market drivers and trends within a wide range of applications and consumer targets. Consumers want more, creating a push for products that provide very specialized benefits that meet their nutritional needs, such as:

  • digestive/gut health
  • cognitive function
  • health and beauty
  • heart health
  • energy/mood support

Developing to meet ever-evolving consumer demands requires a depth of development expertise—from pairing the right ingredients to meet the nutritional guidelines claims to achieving the desired organoleptic qualities that create ongoing consumer engagement.

Get to market faster. Period.

Responsive product development combined with manufacturing agility means faster speed to market.

Nellson has an extensive R&D staff of 40+ food scientists, technicians and support team members. Each of our five facilities has an onsite R&D lab with collaborative workspaces for cross functional and customer engagement to help accelerate speed to market.

Our new, unique Mobile R&D platform serves our powder customers so we can work collaboratively with them at their location to work through formulation challenges.

Brands are foregoing the one-size-fits-all, mass market approach and responding to their customers’ needs. Today’s consumer wants variety, from flavors to function. Meeting these demands requires an agility in product development and manufacturing. As a co-manufacturer, we recognize the need for manufacturing flexibility on minimum order quantities and turn-around times.

Keep an eye on the future—it’s where opportunity lies.

Snacking and functionality are two driving influences in the nutritional product marketplace.


Snacking and individualized nutrition are driving exciting new opportunities beyond traditional bar and powder applications like mini bite-size bars for on-the-go nutrition and easy portion control and nutritional mug cake and instant dessert powder concepts for great on-the-go anytime snacks.


Consumers continue to focus on more functionally centric products that contain nutritionally beneficial ingredients. For example, weight management products have shifted from a ‘quick-fix weight loss approach’ to products offering a holistic approach to maintain overall health and wellness. Weight management consumers want to know that the foods they consume contain ‘calories that count’, with nutritious ingredients that offer a health benefit.

When you partner with Nellson, delivering better nutritional products feels as easy as 1-2-3.

Let’s get started!

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