Nutrient-Enhanced Foods are Trending

The No. 1 way consumers define a healthy food is: “high in nutrients/healthy components.* Nutrients such as protein and dietary fiber incorporated in these foods can present some particular challenges that we anticipate, address and solve, so that our customers are able to give today’s consumers the nutrient-enhanced products they want.

*Please note: this and all italicized information is sourced from: “Top 10 Functional Food Trends,” Elizabeth Sloan, Food Technology, April 2018.

The protein products market is evolving

60% of consumers sought more protein in their diets last year, and just over 1/3 of U.S. households say they are following a specific protein-focused diet. Protein-rich products have evolved from sports nutrition-focused products to mainstream product nutrition. Whether it be on the go or at the gym, a high protein shake or bar can deliver high quality complete proteins for a healthy lifestyle.

Protein’s Challenges
As the popularity of plant-based diets grows, plant proteins are emerging and can present formulation concerns including: flavor retention of source material, reactions to other ingredients causing textural issues, and lower concentrations requiring higher usage rates to reach a given claim level.

Our Solutions
Not only does Nellson have a long history of developing high-protein bar and powder products, we continue to search for new protein sources and formulation solutions that meet evolving consumer demand and shifting market trends. We offer our customers:

  • Custom formulation solutions
  • innovative plant, dairy and animal protein sources that solve sensory and nutritional challenges
  • a robust supply chain that ensures consistent availability

Dietary fiber products are in high demand

63% of consumers tried to add more fiber to their intake last year. High-fiber foods, powders and drinks remain in high demand, and fiber is the specialty supplement most often requested by Millennials. Meal replacement bars and shakes in particular are great vehicles for fiber supplementation that provide what consumers want: satiety, nutrition, and convenience.

Dietary Fiber’s Challenges
Dietary fiber presents textural challenges in regards to consumer appeal, functionality and shelf life. The right fiber source for any specific product application must:

  • meet FDA guidelines
  • satisfy nutritional requirements
  • indulge customer preferences
  • provide the proper mouthfeel

Our Solutions
We work directly with our customers to help select the right dietary fiber or combination of fibers for their specific applications based on customer and consumer preference, including non-GMO and organic options. Careful choice of fiber, including how it works together with other ingredients, is key to maintaining shelf life, especially in nutrition bars.

Find out more about how we help you move nutrition forward, with successful nutrient-enhanced products that meet today’s consumer demands.

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