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Nutrient-Enhanced Foods are Trending

Consumers are looking for easy ways to pack more nutrients into their diets. Convenient protein and fiber options are often sought after a trip to the gym, or simply to fuel an on the go, healthy lifestyle. Nellson is able to incorporate the protein and fiber consumers are looking for into powders and bars they will enjoy.

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Making Clean Label Simple for our Customers

A clean and simple label. It sounds so simple, but anyone in the business of nutrition knows that ‘simplicity’ can present challenges that are complex. At Nellson, we help solve those challenges so you can please consumers with the clean label products they increasingly demand.

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Bars of Whole Grain Goodness

With a reputation for being nutrient-dense, high in fiber and overall better-for-you options, seeds and grains add their healthy reputation and delicious crunchy texture to nutrition bars.

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Protein Trends in Weight Loss Management

Consumers are hungry for protein, depending on it to provide essential building blocks for health and wellbeing. But there is far more to today’s demand for protein; consumers consider it to have a long list of top-of-mind benefits, especially surrounding weight management.

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Doing Well[ness] With Protein

Today’s consumers want to increase their protein intake, for a variety of wellness reasons. Protein is touted as an essential ingredient that provides essential building blocks for health and wellbeing. Its satiating qualities may aid consumers with their weight management efforts. Dietary protein intake is credited with improving muscle mass, strength and function over time, for improved overall health outcomes.

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