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COVID-19 and the Focus on Immune Health

There’s nothing like a pandemic to change how you think about your health. The truth is, COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities that forced many of us to re-evaluate our priorities. So, after a trying year, it’s no surprise that U.S. consumers are seeking ways to protect against illness. It’s a trend we expect to continue as vaccination gradually becomes more widespread and we ease back toward normal everyday life.

More to the point, immunity support is something all nutrition brands and co-manufacturers will want to keep central in their thoughts. Understanding the consumer mindset helps us develop bars and powders that are destined for success.

Immunity support is now a health essential

As personal health management takes on a life of its own, consumers have a laundry list of physical and mental health goals; avoiding common illness and strengthening one’s immune system sit at the top.

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With 52% of adults looking for a boost, many are increasing their intake of vitamin, mineral and supplement products. In fact, 82% claim to have used a product offering immunity support since the start of 2020. The ability to market your product as beneficial for the immune system—or featuring fortifying ingredients like elderberry, vitamin C or vitamin D—should provide a huge competitive advantage.

The pandemic also put a spotlight on at-risk portions of the population. Research shows 51% of U.S. adults are managing a chronic health condition. That number rises to 68% when we consider those over the age of 65. For these groups, ensuring a healthy immune response takes on even greater significance.

What’s behind the new consumer mindset?

It would be easy to assume the newfound consumer focus on health and wellness is simply about avoiding COVID-19. Since the start of last year, a noteworthy 28% report feeling less in control of their health.

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It’s reasonable to assume that consumers are looking for reassurance through the health and wellness products they use. If you can deliver elevated peace of mind, you can gain trust and loyalty.

Perhaps most essential, is making consumers feel supported, engaged and in charge of their health. Andre Wroble, Senior Research Analyst at Mintel explains, “As adults turn inward and emphasize self-care needs, brands must adopt consumer-centric strategies supporting both internal and external motivations.” In less technical terms—think about your customers first.

OTC health and wellness brands are primed to reap the benefits

The good news for those of us in the nutrition bar and powder manufacturing business is that consumers are turning to over-the-counter products. While the last economic recession halted growth for many large CPG categories, sales of OTC health remedies continued a slow but positive sales trajectory.

The current situation appears no different. Taking proactive steps to preserve one’s health, helps limit medical care costs, time off work and expensive prescription medications. With so many reasons to pursue better health, this is a monumental opportunity for health and wellness brands.

But what about the future? How do we keep things rolling after the pandemic? One strategy that may provide lasting success is pairing immunity support benefits with solutions to popular long-term health goals such as improved sleep, stress management or better nutrition.

Making your product an immunity-boosting winner

Understanding the trends is one thing. Taking advantage of them is another. While it’s clear that demand for immune system support products is growing, contract manufacturers are still needed to help make your next move the right one.

At Nellson, we lead the way in developing winning nutrition bars and powders, including a variety of products that boost immune function. It starts with an unmatched ability to source difficult ingredients; but the real magic happens in the R&D lab. We know which vitamins require flavor masking, which are stable in processing, and how to add micronutrients to the formulation in a way that ensures meaningful levels throughout manufacturing and storage. We’ll help you move quickly and leave the competition behind.

If you’d like to learn more about adding immunity support to your next product, take a moment to read up on our world-class technical capabilities. You can get in touch here.

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