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Standing Out In The Crowd

The days of unhealthy snacks and on-the-go meals high in fat, sugar, and sodium are long gone. Today, consumers have a growing interest in health and wellness and are driving demand for health conscious, balanced products to serve their daily snacking, convenience and nutritional needs.

How can brands differentiate themselves in this better-for-you marketplace? By developing great tasting, portable and convenient nutritional bars and functional powders with:

  • new flavor trends
  • high quality ingredients
  • sustainable and innovative packaging


Consumer interest in health and nutrition—and their increased knowledge of nutrition, label claims, and ingredient functionality—continues to drive the market. As a result, consumers are seeking nutritional products that fit their specific needs. These products might provide nutrition within a specific nutritional index or provide additional benefits such as digestive health, mental focus, bone and joint health, or heart health.

Increased snacking and on-the-go purchasing are influencing the growth of nutritional snacking and driving brands to differentiate in product and packaging formats. For nutritional bars, that might mean a small bite or a mini bar. Find out how we can help build your bar. For functional powder brands, convenient on-the-go packaging is key, from single serve pre-portioned sachets to stick packs for quick energy drinks. Find out how we can help create your powder.

Evolving demographics are driving growth in the nutrition bar and powder markets. Understanding the consumer today—and where they will be tomorrow—is critical for sustaining brand loyalty. Consumers are looking for the next great product, so it’s important to understand the market and seize the opportunities that intersect their desires with your product offerings.

Nellson helps brands give consumers exactly what they want:

  • clean labels with simple ingredient statements
  • great taste and on-trend flavors
  • new and evolving, high quality ingredients
  • portable on-the-go convenience
  • sustainability, in terms of claims and packaging
  • products targeted toward avoiding, maintaining or treating specific disease states


Undertaking reformulation within specific nutritional parameters can pose additional challenges. For example, striving to achieve differentiation through clean label products can cause formulation and production challenges regarding ingredient quality, cost and supply. And, bars and powders each present their own set of challenges in terms of maintaining their favorable flavor, texture and color attributes—as well as their nutritional profile and efficacy claims—over the products’ shelf life.


At Nellson, we help brands overcome any formulation and production challenges. How? By working collaboratively and leveraging the expertise of our internal cross-functional team (R&D, Supply Chain and Production) throughout the lifecycle of a product, from ideation through commercialization. Nellson also partners with a wide network of preferred ingredient suppliers to source high quality ingredients with minimal supply issues at optimal cost. In doing so, we work to avoid these formulation, production and supply challenges and help our brands achieve successful product launches.

Our customers value the opportunity to co-develop and co-innovate with us at Nellson, knowing that optimizing our collective intelligence at the front end of formulation allows them to increase the number of products successfully launched with reduced time to market.

Contact us today to find out how we can help provide you the marketplace differentiation you need to succeed.

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