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Packaging That Satisfies Today’s On-the-Go Consumers

“Convenience currently is the No. 1 need articulated by consumers across all eating occasions”—as American families today spend more hours working, commuting, and taking care of children.*

Today’s consumers are looking for portable and convenient nutrition to fit their busy lifestyles. They are no longer interested in grabbing a quick candy bar or high-in-sugar beverage option just because it is convenient—consumers are now expecting high quality complete proteins and other solutions to meet their nutritional energy needs.

Brands are responding to this increasing demand for consumer convenience by providing single serving packaging options for convenient transport. These preferred portable packaging options such as stick packs and sachets are great for nutritional performance drinks.

With ease and convenience being the most requested option across all consumer market segments, brands are looking for high quality functional powders in sustainable, convenient and portable packaging options to please consumers. Nellson works with our preferred packaging suppliers on new innovative packaging designs to offer our customers optimal portability and convenience. These options can range from stick packs and single serve sachets for the office or gym to multi-serve packaging options such as gusset sacks and jars for family home use. Nellson’s powder packaging gives our customers the flexibility to provide a variety of pack out options, including:

  • stick packs
  • single serve sachets
  • gusset bags
  • jars

Consumers are also increasingly interested in the environmental impact of the products they buy. As a result, many brands are looking for sustainable packaging options. These more environmentally sustainable packaging options give brands the ability to respond to their consumers, gain loyalty, and attain a competitive edge.

Take note of more packaging trends:

  • A clean approach with easy to read messaging and a simplified label for a straightforward approach to their visual design.
  • Branding that goes beyond just the bottle or bag, including the scoop, liner, lid, and anything that brands can put their mark on to set them apart.

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*“The Evolution of Convenience”, Food Business News, 04/24/18

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