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Staying On Trend with On-The-Go Packaging

Consumers are looking for nutrition that can keep up with their increasingly active lifestyles and, as a result, portable packaging options for sports nutrition powders have become extremely popular. That’s why Nellson provides bags, bottles, single-serve sachets and stick packs that are convenient and easy to use.

The popularity in stick packs, sachets and other portable packaging is in part driven by a heightened sense of sustainability as consumers are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment. Stick packs and sachets offer lower environmental impact while providing an optimal solution for nutritional performance drinks.

As more consumers turn to drink mixes and supplements, high-quality portable packaging is no longer the gold standard but the expectation. In response to this, the quality of easy-tear film on portable packaging has improved to prevent leaks and creasing while still maintaining its functionality.

Bags and bottles are also in high demand. Our bags are durable, lightweight and offer a cost-effective packaging option for multiple products. For small and medium bottles, we work to create eye-catching packaging that ranges from on-trend matte to high-gloss and metallic. There is also the option to make the interior of the packaging different from the exterior and create an exciting reveal for the consumer the first time they open the package.

Discover how Nellson makes it simple for you to add convenience, style and sustainability to your customer’s daily routine.

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