COVID-19 and the growing market for children's health products

In our last blog, we took a look at how the pandemic experience has consumers thinking more about health and wellness. It’s led to a giant surge in demand for immunity-boosting bars and powders. So today, we’ll dive into the effect COVID-19 has had on the market for children’s health products. With more parents focused on preventive health remedies, Mintel forecasts category sales will grow 38% from 2020 to 2025. Savvy nutrition brands will be vying for their piece of the pie.

Parents are ramping up preventive care

Until 2020, the children’s health products market was stalling. But as COVID-19 took hold and parents began adopting new measures to protect their families, the segment took off. It posted a jaw-dropping 24.2% single-year gain. Such a strong and immediate trend reversal speaks volumes.

Interestingly, cold, allergy, cough and nasal remedies saw declining stock. Meanwhile, the vitamins, minerals and supplements market went through the roof.

Children’s vitamins, minerals and supplements in the spotlight

The simple takeaway from 2020’s unprecedented market trends is that parents now see the value in supplementing to help their kids stay healthy. The chart below says it all.

COVID-19 impact on the use of VMS

Some two out of five parents indicate that their children have started supplementing more regularly. It opens up a world of possibilities for health and nutrition brands. While immunity support may have opened the door, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Families are looking for new ways to preserve their good health and embrace everyday wellness.

Andrea Wroble, Senior Research Analyst at Mintel tells us, “The children’s health market has strong reach with nearly three quarters of parents giving their kids OTC pediatric remedies and VMS products, respectively.”

Addressing a variety of children’s health needs

As focus on immune system support grows, traditional health areas are taking a back seat. Concerns about healthy sleep, anxiety and stress have entered the mix––providing opportunities for progressive nutrition brands.

Health and wellness areas of concern

Since it’s the hot topic of the day, brands can use immune system support products as a way to build consumer loyalty that lasts beyond the pandemic. These kinds of products can provide a platform for introducing emerging ingredients, which also address other pediatric health and wellness concerns. It’s easy to get excited about the future of your product mix when you consider the following.

Treatments open to manage any area of concern

Formulating child nutrition products that hit the mark

With consumers on the lookout for something different, your label claims take on added significance. Natural ingredients are taking over in the health and wellness category, so brands that formulate accordingly will find a more receptive audience.

OTC remedies claim drivers

As you can imagine, parents are more concerned than ever about healthy eating. The key is figuring out the right functional ingredients to support immune response and other in-demand, kid-friendly wellness benefits.

Delivering the solutions parents want

From functional snack and protein bars to powder-based nutritional supplements, navigating these uncharted waters demands an experienced contract manufacturing partner. Fortunately, Nellson can help create nutritious products that are a hit with parents and kids alike.

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