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Making Clean Label as Simple as it Sounds

Consumer perception of clean label products can vary, but successful clean label products typically meet one or more of these expectations:

  • contain no artificial ingredients
  • use minimal ingredients that are listed on the product label
  • contain ingredients that are easily pronounceable and commonly known

Functional powder brands find that formulating for clean label isn’t always simple or straightforward. Clean label functional powders can pose a variety of challenges in terms of formulation, sourcing and production:

Formulation The process of formulating to achieve desired on-trend flavor profiles requires education and expertise.

Sourcing A strategic sourcing approach ensures a competitively priced and stable supply of clean label ingredients.

Production Proper material handling, production processes and quality systems throughout allow brands to meet their clean label product claims.

Nellson is able to provide go-to market solutions quickly because of the knowledge and expertise we have gained over time—and due to the robust Quality teams that support our production.

Not surprisingly, the ingredients in clean label products also provide challenges in terms of quality, cost, and supply. Consumers are seeking ingredients that include:

  • All-natural
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • ‘Free from’
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian

Regarding quality

Many brands are focusing on their ingredient origins, making sure that their ingredients are as pure as possible, contain plant-based protein, and more. These brands require sufficient R&D support to guide them in choosing alternative ingredients that support the claims that provide efficacy to their product. Brands also require manufacturing in a GMP setting and are seeking the certifications that build a trust relationship with their consumers. Nellson provides ingredient and certification support with testing and label claims, as a heavily audited facility with food certifications from a number of world-known certifying agencies.

Regarding cost

Brands are increasingly in need of formulation assistance to provide clean-label versions of their formulas with the stipulation it is achieved at a certain cost per unit.

Regarding supply

Nellson partners with a wide network of preferred ingredient suppliers to source high quality ingredients with minimal supply issues at optimal cost.

For turnkey solutions in the clean label marketplace, contact Nellson today to see how Nellson can help make your clean label as simple as it sounds.

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